Consult your clients
anytime, anywhere.

Experts, you can now consult your clients online. We fix the timings, payments & more.

Create your online identity

Set your timings and prices to create your own profile page. We handle payments, timings and video calls for you.

Have 1:1 consultations with your clients

Your clients can simply look at your timings, schedule an appointment and pay. That's it!



A very easy to use dashboard that can help you manage all your consultations.


Easily look and track your appointments with our inbuilt calendar. Supports third party calendars.


Track payments, page views, reviews, customer feedback and total traction.

Tired of Mismanagement?

Mismanagement? Forget it. Calendar integrations, payments, page views & more all-in-one place.

Look at Appointments and Consult clients Virtually via Video Calls or Meet Directly.

What is ConsultFix?

ConsultFix is a Simple All-in-one Consultation Platform. Explore and consult with a wide-range of Experts.

Consult Experts in just 5 Simple Steps.

To solve mismanagement for experts, we created a tool which manages Appointments, Reports & Analytics.

Consult your clients virtually via Video Calls.

Consult your clients directly at your office.

The Process


1. Register

Register an expert account with your Email or Phone number.
Select Expert

2. Create your page

Create your own page with your details, timings and locations.
Consult Expert

3. Consultation

Consult your clients online via video calls and directly near you.